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Why Nicholls Consulting

Solid waste management programs are becoming higher priorities for businesses and organizations as they strive to meet internal and external sustainability goals.  Nicholls Consulting, Inc. offers comprehensive services to help achieve our clients’ goals in solid waste management and help program managers develop and implement effective and efficient programs.


Our experience ranges from program efficiency analysis, policy development, technical assistance and waste assessments, long-range planning, reporting, to zero waste policies and programs.  Our turnkey approach to projects gives our clients peace of mind that a project will be completed with a systematic, efficient, and sometimes creative approach and we work with clients through all phases of a project – from initial concept to project closure or ongoing monitoring.


Our Principal in Charge has been developing innovative waste diversion programs for many years.  She designed one of the first e-waste collection events in California and studied the feasibility of a diaper recycling facility – the first in the United States.


Nicholls Consulting, Inc. is a minority- and woman-owned small business.

20+ Years Experience

5 Star Rating

Quick Turnaround

Dedicated Support

AB939/AB341 /AB1826/SB1383 Support

  • Business and Multi-Family Waste Audits and Recycling/Organics Program Assessment
  • Development of Waste Diversion Programs
  • Grant Writing and Management
  • Policies and Ordinances
  • Recycling/Organics Program Support
  • Report Preparation
  • Waste Generation Studies

Community Engagement

  • Community/Business Outreach Design, Implementation, & Monitoring
  • Facilitation of Public Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Procurement of Promotional Items
  • Public Education and Outreach Programs
  • Public Opinion Surveys

Employee Engagement

  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Employee Outreach and Education Programs
  • Facilitation of Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Procurement of Promotional Items
  • Outreach Design, Implementation, & Monitoring 

Financial and Economic Analysis

  • Benchmarking Surveys of Service and Fees
  • Collection Efficiency and Set Out Rate Studies
  • Customer Billing and Service Reviews
  • Performance and Rate Reviews
  • Review of Franchise Adjustment Requests and Fees Remitted

Franchising and Contracts

  • Franchise Agreement Reviews
  • Preparation of Proposal Packages
  • Rates and Level of Service Analysis
  • Report Preparation (Regulatory Compliance)
  • Solid Waste Collection Contract Compliance Management
  • Solid Waste Regulatory Compliance (if contracted)

Planning Documents

  • Assessment and Analysis of Waste-to-Energy Technologies
  • Permitting, Siting Studies, Facility Plans, and Feasibility Studies
  • Policy and Ordinance Review and Development
  • Program Planning & Development (Recycling, Zero Waste, C&D, Zero Waste)
  • Recycling and Emerging Technology Feasibility Studies and Markets Analysis
  • Recycling Program Evaluation and Design/Implementation/Monitoring
  • Solid Waste Management Plans
  • Waste Composition/Characterization Studies

Recycling Program Support

  • Grant Writing and Management
  • Policies and Plans
  • Recycling Program Evaluation and Design/Implementation/Monitoring
  • Report Preparation

Service Contracts

  • Contract Management Solutions
  • Preparation of Proposal/Procurement Packages
  • Rates and Level of Service Analysis
  • Report Preparation (Regulatory Compliance)
  • Service Reviews