outreach samples

We’ve designed a variety of outreach and education elements in support of waste minimization and recycling programs.  Check out some of our favorites below.

20+ Years Experience

Spanish Translations Included

Updated the look and feel of used oil filter exchange event.  Retro vibe!

Double-sided Oops! tags for SB1383 organics route review contamination inspections.  In English/Spanish/Armenian.

Newsletter for citywide distribution via USPS EDDM. In English/Spanish.

One of our favorite projects!  Designed this sticker to be placed around the event center to remind people to recycle right.

Promotion of a used oil filter exchange event.

Bus shelter poster created for general used motor oil and filter recycling program.

Promotional flyer for mandatory recycling/organics program.  Includes hauler’s services.  Back side in Spanish.

Promotional flyer for recycling competition between schools.

Complete overhaul of website and creation of decals to show what goes in which container.  In English/Spanish. Some pages also in Armenian.